Gold Infinity Sphere Necklace Swarovski seal


The stunning Mestige Harmony Collection brings comfort to solitude, peace to chaos and balance to our lives. The Gold Infinity Sphere Necklace features a blue harmony ball that sings songs of Tranquility, Security & Loyalty as it represents complete Peace. Make yourself sing... Mestige Harmony!

*Please note each ball creates a subtle sound.

*The image is enlarged to show detail and is not the actual size.

- Gold-Tone Plated
- Length: 80cm + 7cm extender
- Dimensions: 42mm (H) by 22mm (W)
- Ball Colour: Dark Blue
- Ball Size: 15mm
- 1 x 3.4mm Crystal from Swarovski®

- May not be suitable for all skin types
- Recommended for ages 14 and above